You have an online shop and you want to increase your income?

With the Grabells Dropshipping Service, you can have all the products available in the catalogue without making any additional investments for stock and warehouses.

What is dropshipping and how it works?

Dropshipping is a process where you offer items you don’t have in stock, and Grabells deliver the orders on your behalf directly to your customers. In this way of trade, your main goal is to focus on getting your own customers and respectively increase the sales of your online shop. So, you buy an item from Grabells after you have received an order from a customer, not in advance, and therefore no storage is required.

Grabells Dropshipping

What are the advantages?

- Elimination of investments in inventories - in normal trade you would first buy the product and then you would sell it, while the dropshipping service process is reversed - first the item is put up for sale and then bought from the supplier.

- Opportunity for higher profits - the margins realized in this type of trade reach higher levels.

- Elimination of packaging costs, staff, warehouses, and warehouse programs - the product is sent directly to your customers by Grabells.

- Minimum start-up capital - the core capital required for a start-up business is for working capital and technical security.

- Rich product catalogue – opportunity to offer items from different categories.

What do we offer?

- Easy and quick way of adding thousands of branded products to your online store in various categories - clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, and others.

- Option for synchronization with your online store - a file with product information including high-quality product images, stock, variations information, descriptions, wholesale prices, and more.

- Packaging and shipping orders directly to your customers.

- Possibility to set your own selling prices, thus adjusting your profitability - the approximate margins vary between 15 and 50%. - Without a minimum order amount, you get wholesale prices for single items.

- A sales representative to whom you can address your inquiries.

What information do we need from you?

- Information about your company - name, company number

- Link to your store

- Phone and email to contact you

- Short introduction

- Information about the products you want to offer

The Grabells Dropshipping Service helps you expand your product catalogue and free up time for sales.

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